Perfect cycling breaks, with...

hundreds of gorgeous rides... an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Route Maps

After check-in comes the exciting bit: choosing your routes. There are lots of routes to choose from, offering brilliant rides at all levels. You might want to start off with an easy route and work your way up to one of the harder ones; jump straight in and head for the route with the steepest ascents (and fastest descents!); or find you hit your stride on day one, and spend your entire break on the moderate routes. It’s up to you.

For each route, you can check out the distance, approximate ride-time and changes of elevation, and we’ll included information on the roads and terrain you’ll be covering, as well as notes on places and things of special interest (great viewpoints and lunch spots included).

Once you’ve made your choices we’ll load a state-of-the-art Garmin Edge 800™ with your routes, and all you’ll have to do is clip that onto your bike, then follow the navigation guidance and enjoy the ride.

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